Camille Iemmolo

The Lonely Stage & Me

The Lonely Stage

Backstage Because Sometimes We Get The Blues

Backstage Because Sometimes We Get The Blues- detail

Jon Langford & The Mekons

The Lonely Stage Install Room View

Oh Holy Art Thou Voices Sing

The Lonely Stage Performance

Can You Hear Me Tapping.jpg

The Lonely Stage Performance 2

After The Fall

The Lonely Stage Performers 1

The Lonely Stage-Side View

The Mighty Mekons

And The Arms Began to Walk- After The Accident

The Mekons in their greatness

Things Left Behind

The Spirits of Things

When The Curtain Falls

The Telling Tree

The Cupcake Denials

The Cupcake Denials detail

The Disappearance of Seas and Other Important Things

The Brand That Is Made of America

Because Sometimes We Get The Blues Inbetween Makin' Things

Just Hangin' Around

Some Days We Paint and Sometimes We Just Hang Around

White Horse Bleeding Beating Banging Heart

Danger Do Not Mistake Us For a Wallflower.jpg

The Entitlement of the Untitled

Emergency Cart of Lost Dreams and Forgotten Words

A Painters Dream.jpg