Camille Iemmolo

And our Eyes Met Under The Lemon Trees

Throw Us To The Lion's Den

The Revelation of Birds

The Visit From The Bird Giver

The Forgetting Island

The Tiger Trainers In Madrid

They Keep Appearing As Tiger

The Conversation of French Lingerie in Antibes

Flashbacks To The Riviera Malaise and Other Knee Scratches

Because Sometimes We're Missing Things

Hedges Can Wait and The French Gardner

The Lemon Lover Install

The Lemon Lover (Detail 1)

The Lemon Lover (Detail 2)

The Disappearance of Seas and Other Important Things

Will The Circle Be UnBroken

The Telling Tree

The Cupcake Denials

The Cupcake Denials detail

The Brand That Is Made of America


Caution #2

Dearest Beatty

Dearest Beatty

No Vacancy

Shadow of Wolf Wonder

Monkey on my back Weight around my neck

Sex, Money, The Size and Price of Things The American Way

The Black Sheep

Flesh For Fantasy Tunnel of Love

Mr.Verloc and his Sickness

Watch Your Mouth On Sugar Mountain

Eat Your Words

work work work tribute to

A Royal Pain

Punk Bones Skatkat

Just smile all the time

Door Open Lights On