Camille Iemmolo

The Wardrobe Department of My Last Night's Dream

The Hay Beneath Me

The Hay Beneath Me

The Write Back Super Hero's Club-Installation NYC

Band Aid House At Play for Paul

In The Woods

Band-Aid House

Society Of Rushers

Society of Bankers detail

Society of Rushers detail

Society Of Bankers


Fighter Girl Pillow Puppet

The Help Bird

Masked Angel Pillow Puppet

At Play

House For Sale

At Play My leg hurts

White Sheep Black Sheep

Society of Higher Ups Society of Lower Downs

Saving Animal Souls

Me or You

Band Aid House detail

Midnight Moon Madness in The Talking Piano

Talking Piano Detail

Talking Piano

The Talking Piano

Flying In Space-The Talking Piano


Lefty Plays the Talking Piano

Bad Boy Tallahassee

Long Arm Lover

Bank Robbers Hallway View Facing South

Wolf Wonder

Wild Horses And Wild Ways

Wild Horses And Wild Ways

Face The Music Waiting Room

Maybe We Took Them For Granted

Steely Nerves The Testing Room

Who Likes Math Anyway

Exit To Nowhere

I have to go to the bathroom

Bondage May Be Of Many Kinds

Sit Still

There Were Those That Read Their Racing Formes and Those That Read Their Bibles

You Made Your Bed Now Lay In It

The News room

And how do you think they'll take the news